• A line drawing of my home. It is one story with 9 windows with black shutters. The house is a light colored stucco with a black roof and there are many large bushes in the front.
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    Tour de Palmetto | A First Look at our Super Dated Home

    One of the reasons I started this blog was to take you through my renovation journey so that we can both learn to make our homes Pinterest-worthy and magazine-ready. My boyfriend, Taylor, bought his grandparents home 2 years ago and let me tell you my mind was going crazy with all the possibilities. Once Taylor talked me down from my lofty ideas to expand the upstairs and take down half the walls, we started getting some renovations started.

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    One Room Challenge Laundry Room Going Rogue

    Laundry Room Makeover Update I cant be sure what week its supposed to be in the One Room Challenge but at this point, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because I’m already so much further along than I was last time around. WHERE IT STARTED If you go back to the design I made for the laundry room, you’ll see where I began. The first thing I did was remove all the cleaning supplies and junk from the room. Honestly, easiest demo Ive ever done haha Most all the rooms I’ve demo’d have been bathrooms and entailed removing all the cabinets and plumbing, but THIS was cake! I pulled up…

  • This is a graphic that shows materials for the laundry room project. There is a round mirror, a floral cream and white wall paper, black and white tile, cream paint, and blank pulls for the cabinets.
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    One Room Challenge Laundry Room Week 1-3

    You heard that right! I’m entering my laundry room project into the One room Challenge. I know I know, I’m a couple weeks late BUT better late than never! The laundry room is just off the powder room that I just finished before this. I wanted the two spaces to feel cohesive so the mosaic tile pattern will continue through both spaces. Tile To be honest, I started the powder room for my last One Room Challenge and was so intimidated by tile that I got very off schedule. But guess what, I’m not scared anymore! Tile is a big undertaking but it’s incredibly less intimidating after you’ve done it…

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    A Quick Guide for a Super Easy Shiplap Wall

    How to Install Shiplap with This Super Cool Werner Ladder THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY THE HOME DEPOT Shiplap walls are a clean and simple way to elevate your space. In recent years they have been used abundantly in farmhouse-style spaces but I want to challenge that! I want to make this shiplap wall in my main bathroom both transitional and refined. When it comes to applying shiplap, you would typically end up on a ladder holding shiplap up to the wall with one hand and a nail gun with another. In order to make this less scary, you need a good ladder or scaffolding… but what if you could…

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    9 Subtle and Non-Tacky Valentine’s Day Decor

    I’ve Collected My Favorite Decor Pieces that Won’t Look Tacky in Your Home I love decorating for all the holidays but I have so much trouble finding pieces that aren’t, in my opinion, tacky. Looking for non-tacky Valentine’s Day decor often sends me down a deep rabbit hole of handmade decor that looks handmade. That’s not always a bad thing but, for me, it doesn’t make for classic, timeless decor. If it’s not for a party, I think subtlety is the key. I will go all-in on some fun, on-the-nose holiday decor for a party. See my Galentine’s Day Decor post here. Note: Affiliate shopping links are provided for your…

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    12 Fun Galentine’s Day Party Decor Ideas

    Fun Brunch Party Decor Ideas Galentine’s Day Brunch might be one of my favorite parties to host! It’s a great opportunity to get some of your girlfriends over and have a good time appreciating your female friendships. But also, how could you not have fun with all the decor options?! This my be my top favorite table setup! I loved making the paper runner with a roll of brown craft paper and white paint. It was so simple but everyone loved it and it turned out so good! Note: Affiliate shopping links are provided for your convenience. By shopping through the links on my site, I will earn a small…

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    How to Install Beautiful Craftsman Style Trim

    A Straightforward Guide For Installing Classic Craftsman Style Window and Door Molding Craftsman style trim is super popular right now and I am here for it! I love how simple and clean it is while still looking classy and elegant. Luck for us, it is SUPER simple to create for yourself! Since all my projects are gonna be done on a super budget (thank you COVID layoffs), I decided to make this trim, myself, using MDF. You could totally just use common boards from Home Depot, 1x3s, 1x4s, 1x5s, 1x6s, but that adds up quickly! BEFORE This is the space that I have been working on! The first I worked…