About Me

Hi! I’m Morgan!

Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest and drooled over rooms or decor or furniture you can’t afford? Me too!

I decided I was tired of feeling like my dreams only existed in a magazine or on a screen. I wanted to learn to give myself the vision I’d always wanted even if it took some elbow grease.  Every day I am working to be a better designer and a more skilled craftswoman.

I am a designer, architect, craftswoman, wine lover, and chocolate chip cookie enthusiast. I have a master’s degree in architecture and have been working in the field for 4 years. I am fascinated by how things get built. I’m a lover of patterns and textures but appreciate balance and clean lines.

Recently I moved into my boyfriend Taylor’s house outside of Atlanta that we are renovating together! I invite you to join with me, as I learn more and grow in my constant pursuit of simplifying my own chaos.

Got my coveralls and my goggles on, I am ready for some messy ceiling sanding!