My Classic Fall Porch Makeover – A Blog Hop!

How I Transformed my Front Porch Into a Beautiful Fall Entry Paradise

I am so excited to be a part of this Fall Front Porch Tour with these great blogs and I’m glad you made it to my Classic Fall Porch!

If you are coming from Nicole’s Mum’s Galore Fall Front Porch, at the Repurpose Life blog, welcome! My name is Morgan and I am making over my 1989, super dated home room by room, complete with wallpaper, paneling, and a different colored carpet in every room.

I wanted to makeover my front porch to be festive for the season! This means I had quite a few things to do to get ready!

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The before image of my entryway. The door is bright white, there are two dated lanterns in brass on either side and black shutters.

Overgrown, dated and dirty!

Above is the plan I had envisioned for my perfect classic fall porch space!


The first DIY for this front porch were these lanterns! They were FREE DOLLARS because I made them from wood scraps and stain that I already had! The part that wasn’t free was the hurricane vases and LED candles.


A week after I made the lanterns, I dove right into this dried wheat wreath! I have to say, my goal with DIY is to make something that looks like it could have been purchased in a store. I don’t know about you, but I think this one hits the mark!


A half-circle doormat down below says "hey there pumpkin". There are yellow and orange mums off to the side and small pumpkins on the mat. There is a blue cup of tea, blurred out in the foreground.

I was soooo excited to make this doormat! I’ve been wanting to make one for forever and this was finally my opportunity to shine! This DIY doormat is also the first item I’ve ever sold in my Etsy shop!

Most people don’t advise teaching people how to make something that you hope to sell, because then why would they buy it?

I understand this, but I am not one to keep secrets. If you want to make the mat, go for it, I have provided the instructions here, if you want one delivered to your door, head over to my Etsy Shop!


When decorating a space, I always create a list of what I would like to update, and what is feasible right now, considering my time and budget. This year we decided that painting the front door black and getting new sconces would really elevate the space.

I teach you how to get the most professional paint finish in my post, How to Paint Your Front Door Like a Professional. As far as the lanterns, carries the sconces that I ended up getting here: I love how they are modern but the black compliments the door and shutters!


I ended up driving all around Atlanta looking for pumpkins! Home Depot wasn’t carrying them yet and none of the grocery stores had their pumpkin crates in yet. Lucky for me, I heard that Trader Joe’s had regular and ‘fantasy’ pumpkins!

I really should have called the first time I went. Rookie mistake going to Trader Joe’s on a Sunday looking for something specific! But that’s ok, I found out when the next crate of pumpkins came in and I drove all the way back just to get my pick of the patch.


This is my favorite part! Mums are a classic fall flowering shrub that can be quite colorful! I made sure to grab a range of colors so that I could create a visually balanced space.

Sometimes plants can be expensive but I had a friend point me in the direction of a plant nursery that was having a mum sale! The nursey typically sells their mums to box stores but these were the ‘blemished’ and imperfect mums so they were half off! There is always a way to get the look you want for cheaper, you just need to know where to look.

But then I was stuck…. it just didn’t look right. It needed MORE. I realized that what the design needed was height! all my mums and pumpkins were visually heavy and there was nothing lifting the eyes up other than the wreath. I went BACK to the nursery and grabbed some dried corn stalks and happened upon some tall grasses (also on sale!).

This front door is surrounted by tall corn stalks, mums, and pumpkins

This porch needed something and I knew the corn would give me the height and that the tall grasses would provide a middle height and a filler for all the open space I was seeing!

I think it came together nicely, what do you think of this classic fall porch?

For more Fall porch inspo, head to check out my friend Amy’s Monster Party Porch Decor.


Ok, fine, you convinced me!

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