Country Classic to Cozy and Bright Kitchen


This is my submission for the Home Depot Orange Tank 2021 Competition


My current kitchen is ORANGE with the fanciest “bunches of grapes” wallpaper you’ve ever seen.


The kitchen of my dreams is warm and light yet still cozy.


I believe my current cabinets are some type of oak. I’d love to bleach the orange away for this natural and warm coastal kitchen. I would make new cabinet faces to make a full overlay cabinet face.

I also love the look of the counter continuing up the wall to replace a traditional tile backsplash. Countertops can be quite expensive. I would genuinely prefer to purchase quartz countertops from the Home Depot. I would love to use the Home Depots services for getting a quote and ordering counters.

It’s very possible that that quote would be over budget so, in that event, I would love to make my own concrete countertops. It’s an opportunity for me to get the exact look I’m going for.

Another plus for making my own countertops would be to reduce the height of the counter, even if just a little. For whatever reason, my boyfriend’s grandfather (who built the house) decided that the height of the counter should be 4-6″ above typical counters. Making my own counters would allow my short self to chop veggies at a normal height.

Because this kitchen is just a sea of cabinets, I really want to break it up and make my own drywall vent hood.

Another cool DIY element Id like to include is installing glass into my existing doors. My powder room has a window in it but its hard to get light through to the kitchen. By cutting a hole into the door and installing textured glass, I’ll be allowing light to cross through the the space into the kitchen.

Good light is something my house is missing. That’s why I want to eventually put double doors in my dining room and to take a wall down. Putting glass into these existing doors would be a unique custom element that allows as much light as possible to move through the space.


I will utilize Home Depots resources for countertop quotes/install or for “DIY Countertops” tutorial on the Home Depots website. In addition, Id love to share Home Depot shopping lists with my audience. I have a shopping list for almost all of the rooms in my home. It helps me keep organized and scope out home depot products that I love

After all that, I am considering removing a couple cabinets. In their place, I’d love to create a shelf for a below counter microwave or re-work the cabinet to install a wine fridge, cause wine not!!


These are not all of the supplies. Mostly the basics. I wanted to leave wiggle room for potential quartz countertops or additional unforeseen supplies needed for a project this big.


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