Slowly Adding Crystal Doorknobs

Bringing the Crystal Doorknobs of my Dream Home into my Now Home with Nostalgic Warehouse

This post is sponsored by Nostalgic Warehouse but all opinions expressed are my own.

Elevating the charm of a home through architectural enhancements has always been a passion of mine. Whether it’s the addition of elevated trim, unique lighting, or, in this case, the pièce de résistance – stunning crystal doorknobs, these details can truly transform your space.

I’ve always envisioned my dream home to have crystal doorknobs. Impatience took over and I decided I did not need to aspire to ONE DAY have certain elements I love.

Let’s start NOW!

In an effort to get a step closer to my dream house, I began by replacing downstairs doorknobs with these stunning crystal doorknobs from Nostaligic Warehouse.

Adding crystal doorknobs to my downstairs was my first step to making THIS house a closer reflection to my ONE DAY house that I dream about. Recently, I have added the doorknobs to my upstairs hallway and I find myself sitting in the hallway oogling over their beauty!

Nostalgic Warehouse

Am I the only one who spends hours dreaming about things like doorknobs?

Don’t answer that.

Well, my dreams came true. Enter Nostalgic Warehouse, a haven for dreamy crystal doorknobs that caught my attention during one of my Pinterest reveries.

Their online doorknob builder offers an array of styles and enless possibilities. Picture this: an antique brass simple short plate paired with a Waldorf crystal knob or a matte black decorative art deco long plate featuring an ornate brass knob – the choices are as diverse as your imagination.

For anyone seeking the perfect fusion of vintage charm with contemporary style, Nostalgic Warehouse is a treasure trove. I encourage you to dive into their doorknob designs, discovering the combination that resonates with your home and personal style.

My Crystal Doorknobs

The bronze short plate with a Waldorf crystal knob emerged as the ideal choice for my home, perfectly harmonizing with my unique style.

The ornate charm of the decorative crystal knob is the nod to vintage styles while the simplicity of the bronze shortplate complements modern styles flawlessly. Balance between these styles is key in my home!

My downstairs doorknobs added an amazing amount of character to my home and I am so excited that they’ve made their way upstiars!

Hallway Makeover

This is my final plan moodboard for this project

None of the rooms off the hallway are finished, but at least the space I walk through everyday looks relatively presentable, especially now with the new crystal doorknobs.

The Nostalgic Warehouse Waldorf Crystal Doorknob on the Bronze Shortplate was such a game changer for this space. Even though the walls aren’t painted and there is no wallpaper, the small tight space still has some charm.

Click here to shop the links in my hallway.

Home Takes Time

I now fully embrace the notion that “Home Takes Time”.

A quick scroll through my Instagram, Tiktok, blog reveals that I am not one to speed through projects. I’ve chosen to be transparent about the reality of renovations – they are neither inexpensive nor swift endeavors. It’s important for me to share this journey in a way that reflects the genuine cost and time investments required.

Hence the gradual addition of more of my favorite crystal doorknobs throughout the house.

Theses doorknobs are not only an investment increasing the character and value of my home, but also…

They transform the way I feel about my home and I smile every time I see them!


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