Virtual Design Services

I’ve been passionate about Interior design and architecture for as long as I can remember and I love creating new spaces. My own home renovation has taught me so much about design and construction, adding real-world experience to my professional and academic experience.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, a Minor in Architecture History, and a Masters of Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology. I have worked in the architecture field for about 5 years, mostly on massive commercial projects, like convention centers and office towers.

Two years ago, I decided that I wanted to get back to what I love about architecture, and that’s the way we live in it. I want to help you fall in love with your home and to make it your own with designs that you love.

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Are you in need of design guidance? I put together a moodboard to help you bring your project to life. This can be a simple design to help you spruce up your space or I can design an entire blank space for you.


Are you starting a DIY renovation and have no idea where to start?

Let me help you by creating a DIY roadmap. I will write up exactly how I would start. Whether that involves installing the wallpaper before the board and batten or selecting your paint color at the same time as your sink faucet, I can help guide you.

Dont know how to install wallpaper or board and batten? I will include all that and more the DIY Project Guide. I’ll even list out all the tools I would use! You dont have a table saw? I can work with you to find tool alternatives or rental options to make sure that you can make your design vision come to life.

If a problem comes up during your renovation, I will be available to you to help work through the dilema and to help you find the solution.

CURRENT PRICING (as of January 2024)

Level 1 is more of a surface level styling package. It would include a moodboard with up to two revisions and a list of curated products. Floorplan/space planning can be added. This package starts at $500

Level 2 builds on Level 1. It includes everything in Level 1 plus elevations and floor plans with space planning included. This package starts at $750. 3D views can be added.

Level 3 Includes all of Level 1 and 2 but the floorplans and elevations have significantly more detail. This pack is less interior decorating/styling and more focused on home renovation. The drawing set is made to be given to a builder to use as a guide for design intent. Basic 3D views are included. This package starts at $1000. More detailed 3D views and product sourcing can be added.

I offer consultations for 1/2hr and 1hr sessions. We will discuss your project, design, DIY, and/or renovation ideas. This is typically $300/hour.

I am happy to put together a custom quote and bundle items together.

Please direct your inquiries to All pricing is subject to change.


Design completed while working with Havenly
Design completed while working with Havenly
Design completed while working with Havenly
Design completed while working with Havenly