DIY Wedding/Shower Decor

Building My Wedding Decor with the Help of The Home Depot

Home Depots products are known for helping you with your Home Renovations… but what about life events?

I’m getting married in March 11 with my bridal shower January 22 and would love to make my own decor with the help of The Home Depot and show my audience how they can to!

Welcome Walls

These walls would be used at the shower and at the wedding to flank the entrance to the tent.

They make great backdrops for photos or desserts or floral arrangements!

At the wedding they will hold a seating chart and a backlit sign of my future last name, “The Brown’s”

These walls would be built with 2x4s and plywood, then covered with wallpaper from The Home Depot and an arched piece of plywood.

The Home Depot has some amazing wallpaper options and I would love to share them with my audience!

Table Numbers

Table numbers could easily be cut out of acrylic with decal lettering added. To help everything tie together, wallpaper scraps would be used to add an arch of wallpaper to the back of the clear acrylic table numbers.


My personal goal would be to complete the project by January 22nd so that I can photograph it at bridal shower. That being said, I can always post your desired deliverables anytime after the fact. I could also get my photographer to take a few images of the finished products at the wedding for me to share with you and my audience.


I can keep the price of these DIYs under $1500. This includes the pieces needed to assemble the walls, the table number acrylic, and the wallpaper. I can use some scrap pieces that I already have to help keep the price more reasonable. Any additional compensation would be based on your desired deliverables.