A half-circle doormat down below says "hey there pumpkin". There are yellow and orange mums off to the side and small pumpkins on the mat. There is a blue cup of tea, blurred out in the foreground.

Hey There Pumpkin DIY Fall Doormat


I’ve seen so many cute Fall welcome mats this year, so I decided to make my own! For this DIY Fall Doormat, I wanted to mix it up and make a semi-circle.

I know this seems counter-intuitive but I am accepting orders for the Fall doormat if you would like a completed mat. Most people don’t advise teaching people how to make something that you hope to sell, because then why would they buy it?

I understand this, but I am not one to keep secrets. If you want to make the mat, go for it, if you want one delivered to your door, head over to my Etsy Shop!


  • Sharpie
  • String
  • Box Cutter
  • Flex Seal or Outdoor Paint
  • Outdoor Entry Mat (I found mine at Ikea)
  • Vinyl Stencil
  • Tape


I have put my CriCut Maker to good use for party and seasonal decor and gifts. For this DIY tutorial, I will be using it to make my stencil. If you don’t have one, you can print out the design with printer paper and cut out the lettering. Use the cutouts to draw an outline with a sharpie.

A stencil is layed out on a cutting mat with the vinyl backing still on.

For this, you should use outdoor paint and apply carefully with a paintbrush. The main concern will be to avoid having the paint bleed under the stencil


Before I cut, I marked the center. I took the measurement and I marked dots along where the semi-circle would be. Tie a sharpie to the end of a string and held the other end at the center mark. I used the string and the sharpie to connect the dots.

Once the line is where you want it, use a box cutter, to cut through the rubber base of the mat. It shouldn’t take more than 2 medium pressure cuts to cut through the rubber base.


A stencil is placed, in place, on a doormat

Align the stencil where you want it on the mat. The adhesive of the stencil is not going to stick well to the mat, so expect that it may come loose. My advice would be to apply the stencil in the well ventilated area you will be using the Flex Seal in. If you use the outdoor paint, it doesn’t quite matter as much.


A stencil is taped to a doormat

Tape the edges of the stencil to the mat using painters tape or whatever tape you have on hand. Use paper to protect your mat. Tape the edges down along the stencil. The only bare mat you should see, should be inside your lettering or design.


Because I am using a vinyl sticker stencil, I will use the Flex Seal. I’ve heard of others using this on a welcome mat and wanted to give it a shot. It’s essentially liquid rubber in a spray can. It’s supposed to “stop leaks fast” according to the spray can.

Shown is a hand holding a spray can of Flex Seal and on the grass is a stencil taped to the door mat.

In regards to a welcome mat, I’ve heard that Flex Seal is great because it doesn’t wear away as much as outdoor paint would. Plus application is super fast.

It’s important to spray straight down because too much of an angle will spray under the stencil and result in fuzzy edges on the design. The vinyl has some adhesive, but not enough to withstand air from a spray can. It applies fast so work in lines 8″+ away from the work surface and always from directly above.

This stuff is also intense so follow safety instructions on the can. I applied a couple of coats and allowed 48 hours for it to fully cure before exposing it to the elements.


While the spray is still a little wet, carefully remove the stencil so it doesn’t get stuck in place.


Now that your Fall doormat has cured, its ready to display at your door!

I’ve seen a ton of beautiful entry mats that are layered so I thought I’d give it a try. For other front entry inspiration, see my DIY Wheat Wreath and DIY Scrap Wood Lanterns.

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