12 Fun Galentine’s Day Party Decor Ideas

Fun Brunch Party Decor Ideas

Galentine’s Day Brunch might be one of my favorite parties to host!

It’s a great opportunity to get some of your girlfriends over and have a good time appreciating your female friendships.

But also, how could you not have fun with all the decor options?!

This my be my top favorite table setup! I loved making the paper runner with a roll of brown craft paper and white paint. It was so simple but everyone loved it and it turned out so good!

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This “Press For Champagne” button is so fun! I definitely want to snag this from Etsy for my next girl’s party.

I love how girly and fancy it looks. It’s great for Galentine’s, Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties, and Bridal Shower

This rose gold champagne bucket is GORGEOUS! I love how classy it is! It’s great for more than just Galentine’s Day and it’ll look great on display with the other drinks and food. I can’t wait to pop a bottle and celebrate when I get together with my friends!

You gotta love this super fun mini heart-shaped waffle maker! They make the cutest little waffles! They’d be so great on their own or paired with popcorn chicken for a cute Valentine’s themed Chicken and Waffles. Our Galentine’s day brunches are usually pot-luck style and this would be so handy!

Check out below for the rest of my finds!

If you loved this Galentine’s Day Party decor, then you’ll love this classic Valentine’s Day decor roundup!



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