FINALIST: Orange Tank Garden Party Deck


This is my submission for the $5,000 category of the Home Depot Orange Tank 2021 Competition


`The current deck could only be captured with a wide-angle. The wood is old and rotting and we only really can come out here to grill.


The Design

The design would involve removing the old, rotted, and unsafe deck and replacing it with a 16’x20′ deck with a pergola. Part of the deck would still be allocated for grilling and would add space for outdoor dining. To help with that, I would build a 2’x4′ island on wheels. I would pour the concrete counter and build the supports on casters. This would allow counter space to supplement grilling, bar space to supplement entertaining, and potting space to supplement my plant obsession.

This kitchen island on wheels (image sourced from would serve as inspiration for the concrete top island that is part of the design. It would have one lower shelf to fit larger items (like pots) and handles and/hooks to hold grilling tongs or potting gloves.

Overhead we would build a pergola to filter some of the harsh south facing light and some string lights to help the space transition from day to night.

Above a newly built deck, we would build a pergola with lights. This would serve as a reprieve from the sun and create a cozy space for all hours of movie watching!

The part I am most excited for is the built in garden! I have grown vegetables and herbs in pots, in a garden, and in my house. I love having herbs nearby to add to a recipe or vegetables in the yard to throw onto the grill. We love grilling and making recipes with herbs and veggies we grew in our garden!

Having the vegetables built-into the deck would be so amazing. I’d get to be surrounded by my garden while lounging with friends and family!

As a part of this design, I would build planters directly into the deck with booth seating up against it. I’d love to build in-bench storage for all the potting supplies needed.

Also, I’m not sure how I would do it yet, but to have a firepit, on the deck so I could also indulge in smores, would truly be the icing on the cake.


The items listed below were selected before wood prices spiked. I think a garden to grill deck project would be ideal in the spring. My hope is that wood prices will level out by then. If not, I’m really good at figuring out more affordable ways of accomplishing my designs. Cant wait to get started!.


The home depot has so many amazing services available. One of them is the tool rental department. An auger would definitely be a necessary rental. Rentals are so easy to do at the Home Depot and allow you to utilize tools you may not be able to afford or may only need once rather than purchasing outright.

In addition to the rental, I regularly use the Home Depot lists tools to map out all my projects. I have a list for all of the rooms in my house to keep track of products that I envision in each space.

The Home Depot also has a tool to calculate deck materials and quantities. I will definitely be using this tool for my decking calculations.

I plan to rent an auger for 4 hours.

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