Garden Party to Grill Out


Growing up in Arizona and moving to Georgia has me obsessed with spending time outside under the trees. Though the landscape of Arizona is quite striking, I have learned how much I love the lush green landscape of the South.

Which brings me to my current deck, rotting and in rough condition.

before picture showing the white building siding and a sad deck with peeling/rotting decking

This new design would allow for an immersive outdoor experience. The deck would increase in size to about 16’x20′ to allow for a few zones.

There is the grilling and prep zone, the eating/dining zone, and the garden/gathering zone. The garden/gathering space is a series of planters built into the deck. The sides of these planters become the back of a bench to allow for booth-like seating (ideally with hidden storage for cushions and gardening supplies).

With my experience in being an architect and an avid DIYer, this deck is the perfect combination of putting my skills to the test. To help me out, the Home Depot has so many amazing online resourses. Including detailed information on How to Build a Deck and How to Build a Raised Deck.

Both of which will provide valuable information for me or any builder thinking of taking on a project like this.

3D view without Pergola

The Home Depot also has AMAZING deck calculators! All you have to do is enter the size of your deck and general plans and it generates an entire material list including brackets and screws you may need to complete the project.

Not only do I now know exactly how much decking board I need, but also the number of concrete mix bags that would be needed to create the foundation footings.

Truly an amazing resource that I cant wait to share with my audience.


In addition to the supplies, I would need to utilize Home Depots Tool Rental service. This is an amazing service that allows DIYers to accomplish projects without having to invest in large equipment. I would likely need to rent both a concrete mixer and an auger to create the foundation for the deck.


If you love the images of the full design and are interested in a bigger/full space collaboration, I would add the below items. If you have a specific product that you are interested in showcasing, I would love to talk further.

The pendant lights would look stunning about the dining space. The double doors would create for easy access into the home’s breakfast nook.

For a truly cozy lounging experience, comfortable seating is a must. These cushion sets would be great for the booth seating. To really create a true outdoor living room space, these beautiful outdoor chairs would create the perfect seating element between the living and the dining spaces. Lastly, mosqiotos are always a terror in the South. Moving air, like from these wall mounted oscillating fans, would be the perfect chemical-free mosquito deterrent.
Aerial view. Garden booth seating to the left. Dining table outside the double doors leading to the kitchen. Grill and prep cart at the top of the image. The prep cart could also serve as a potting station or bar cart depending on the occasion.

The deck collaboration with 15% contingency for unforseen materials is $5,200

The full design including Home Depot patio furniture, pergola, cushions, lighting, and doors would be $8,000.00.

Additional compensation for labor, social media posts, and images are not included in any of these numbers.


The ideal project completion would be for patio season/mid-spring. This is the perfect time of year to be planning a deck and prepping a garden. Earliest start date is March 14.

Week 1 – Demolish old deck/clear and prep the area

Week 2 – Use Auger and concrete mixer to create foundations

Week 3 – Installing and securing substructure, including beams and joists

Week 4- Laying Decking material

Week 5 – Create Built-in/bench

Week 6 – Install Railing, plants, and style it

With Add-ons:

Week 6 – Install Railing and Pergola

Week 7 – Install double doors in place of window

Week 8 – Hang lighting and fans

Week 9 – Add plants, furniture, cushions, and style it

This timeline is loose and flexible. Some things may take more than a week and many things may take less than a week based on unforeseen project related issues that may arise.

The Garden Party to Grill Out Deck is an ultimate outdoor gathering space for any home. The built-in planter seating could be filled with vegetables for farm to table or flowers for the avid lover of gardenias. I love being able to sit outside while we are grilling and I love even more being able to gather with friends when the weather is nice.

This deck is the perfect deck for anyone that loves being outdoors.