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Super Niche Gift Guides: Hipster Uncle

For the Hipster Uncle who likes Craft Beers and Cats

I find myself looking up gift guides when I cant think of a holiday or celebratory gift last minute.

I often feel disappointed because none of the gifts recommended fit because my dad doesnt do ‘typical’ dad things.

A “Best Dad” coffee mug doesnt work for a dad that doesnt drink coffee and a set of bait hooks don’t work for a dad who doesnt fish.

What my dad does do… is watch every zombie movie known to man and learns as much as he can about what to do when the government collapses.

Welcome to my series of super niche gift guides to fit the super niche people in your lives!

The first one was for Zombie Apocalypse Prepper Dad.

If you have a fun super niche gift guide that you want to see, message me on instagram here!


  1. Pipe Carving kit
  1. DIY Beer Brewing kit
  1. Whiskey distilling kit   
  1. Classic beard/mustache grooming
  1. Something cat related
  1. Fun socks with like bananas or something goofy  
  1. Luggage Record Player

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