Halloween Entryway

I Put Together the Most Epic Spooky Halloween Foyer

I’m kinda picky when it comes to decor.

I want my seasonal styling to be subtle but I also want it to be fun and chic. So for this entry design, I decided to loosen up on the subtle and lean in on chic and fun. I can be subtle everywhere else, but let the Halloween magic happen here.

For me, it’s about balance. I added some height with a spooky tree!

To make this tree, I foraged my yard for some trimmed branches or dead trees! I cut it to size and covered it in spooky spider webs and some faux crows! I got a set of 3 crows from amazon and they are perfect for this space! (link below)

To enhance the chic, I used the baking soda and paint method on a vase I found for $20 from At Home. I chose a black paint and lightly sanded once dry to give a heavy texture.

For the final and perfect detail pieces, I worked with to create this fun and sPoOoOoOoOoOkY entryway!

They have so many great pieces that made this Halloween Foyer possible.

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The first one I want to show you is actually my FAVORITE! This smoked glass skull is so pretty!

I actually really love smoked glass and amber glass for the holiday season. Amber glass is great for fall, but this smoked glass is amazing for Halloween


Not only do these have a remote control, but they flicker to give a realistic aesthetic.

Part of my love for seasonal decor actually lies in multipurpose decor. I really appreciate when decor can be used in multiple different ways.

These 4 pillar candles work great for flickering spooky candles… BUT ALSO super magical Christmas twinkle.


Another smoked glass classic for Halloween!

I love that it’s not super on the nose seasonal, but it can be extremely versatile.


What makes these different than standard fairy lights? Well, I didn’t know at first either.

The name said “cascading” but I didn’t really know what that meant. This one thing of fairy lights is actually multiple strands! You could put all of these lights in one hurricane (like the one above or even the skull) or weave it into a garland and have it move multiple directions with all its strands!

I was very pleasantly surprised.

Actually! This falls into my love of the versatile decor category. Adds some gentle spooky light for Halloween, but a gentle cozy ambiance for the holidays as well.


These come in a couple different sizes but they are SOLAR!

They might not be perfect for a foyer… even tho I loved having them in my entry… but they are amazing for any patio. You can charge them in the sun and they will provide a soft candlelight at night.


In addition to my decor, I also found these affordable amazon pieces!

Be wary of the bats! I love them but the sticky foam pieces are SUPER sticky and may pull up paint or leave residue on mirrors. I had luck with GooGone on my mirror but wanted to warn you.

Super cute and super cheap but wanted you to have all the info.



Love you all and I hope you loved my entry!

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