This is a graphic that shows materials for the laundry room project. There is a round mirror, a floral cream and white wall paper, black and white tile, cream paint, and blank pulls for the cabinets.
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One Room Challenge Laundry Room Week 1-3

You heard that right! I’m entering my laundry room project into the One room Challenge.

I know I know, I’m a couple weeks late BUT better late than never!

The laundry room is just off the powder room that I just finished before this. I wanted the two spaces to feel cohesive so the mosaic tile pattern will continue through both spaces.


To be honest, I started the powder room for my last One Room Challenge and was so intimidated by tile that I got very off schedule.

But guess what, I’m not scared anymore!

Tile is a big undertaking but it’s incredibly less intimidating after you’ve done it once. I’m proud to say that this project is moving along quickly and so excited to share progress with you. The tile part will not hold me back this time!


The piece of this laundry room project that I’ve never explored before is built-in cabinets. I will be starting with an Ikea base for the tall cabinets and making my own for the smaller trash receptacles. I will be learning how to make cabinet doors as well! (this will be good practice for some other projects I’ve got on the horizon)

I got a really nice router and router table for Christmas and I am really excited to learn how to use it to make these cabinets!


I’m a little worried about the cost of wood right now. To make these cabinets, I’ll need a decent amount so hopefully the costs start to level out in the next few weeks (doubtful). At this point, I had already bought all the tile I needed for during the powder room project.

It’s really good practice to buy all the materials you need at once JUST IN CASE they stop manufacturing it and your stuck with half a room done. We bought all the tile at the beginning of the project for this reason… and because it was on clearance. I, however, have not followed my own advice with the flooring in the rest of the house because I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend upfront.

For hardware, I am using the pulls from my old dresser that I upgraded. They were pricey when I first bought them and I decided that they needed to not be tossed. I will be upcycling 2 small pulls, and 3 long pulls for this project. I just plan to paint them to make them look fresh!

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These are my projections:

  • Ikea Bases: $280
  • Tile + materials: $200
  • Wallpaper: $100
  • Mirror: $89.99
  • Hardware (drawer slides and hinges): $80
  • Paint (I have a gallon of the cabinet paint already): $40

Total: $800

Since I already had the tile, I was hoping to keep the remaining amount at $500-$600.


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