Luxe Library Lounge

Out with the old Formal Dining Room and in with this Stunning Study

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Do you have a formal living room or dining room that you rarely use? Me too!

As an architect and designer, I’ve been thinking about how we actually live, in an effort to make unused space more useable. Once COVID-19 affected our lives, I needed to convert one of these rooms into an office.

Right now this room is sort of a catch-all for electronics and books and miscellaneous office supplies. The two bookshelves I have are chaotic and just not enough.

I decided that this would be the perfect space for a study! (I’ve wanted one since I first played Clue, the board game)

I love to read and I have piles of books that need a home. This old formal dining room would get a new life as a library/office space.



1. Shelves/Cabinets

This component is the most labor intensive. The Home Depot has a TON of resources on their website. Many of which would help with this project, including DIY Builtin Bookcase.

2. Molding

To make these shelves and cabinets look more builtin, Ill be attaching decorative fluted frame moulding. This molding will bring the cabinets all the way up to the ceiling and add a decorative element to the face of the open shelves.

3. DIY Ladder and/or Electric Fireplace

The Home Depot has some really cool library ladder kits! They come ready to go with all the hardware and wood you need, precut! My audience would love to hear about this quick way to add such a fun design element.

Right now my priority is the DIY library ladder but my late stage design phase includes a faux fireplace. You will see that my material list only has the necessary supploes for the ladder.

This fireplace option is to install a realistic electric fireplace in this cozy libary office. I would build a fireplace surround with hidden storage above. My favorite faux fireplace from The Home Depot is the Dimplex Revillusion:

Faux fireplaces were a HUGE hit on social media this past year and I believe they will continue to be popular for many years. If I could, I would have a fireplace in every room. I have one in my main living space but it puts out a ton of heat and takes a lot of work to maintain.

I would love to show my audience that there is a low maintenance and realistic option available to them.

For optional projects like this, I create a Shopping List on the Home Depot app. I add everything I think I might need so I know what to save up for and have it all ready to ‘add to cart’ when Im ready to pull the trigger.

Adding on this fireplace would be a great way to introduce this to my audience.


This total is preliminary. With the addition of tax, fasteners, drop cloths, and other unknown or unforseen items, I add 10-15% contingency for large projects like this. The total cost of materials for this project would be closer to $2,800 (not including the faux fireplace option).


My ideal end for this project is early-mid fall. The aesthetic of this space is cozy and perfect for fall on social media.

Week 1: Clear out space, demo wallpaper, molding, flooring and use tape to mark builtin locations

Week 2: Cut all the base frames and construct all lower cabinets

Week 3: Secure all base frames to walls and install contertops.

Week 4: Construct all upper shelving units and attach to walls

Week 5: Add trim to baseboards and ceiling using MDF and add Decorative face trim to upper cabinets. Cut all shelves.

Week 6: Add Edge banding to front of shelves and prep for paint.

Week 7: Spray primer and paint on all cabinets, walls, and shelves.

Week 8: Construct library ladder. Install ceiling medaillion, and light fixutre.

Ideal end of week 8 is September 16th but this date is flexible.