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Morgan’s Favs: Elegant Seasonal Decor

Fall Decor to Cozy Up Your Home this Year

I’ve scoured the internet to find classy and elegant Fall decor so that you don’t have to. I aim to find classic pieces and attractive decor that can add beautiful and subtle seasonal touches without looking tacky or overdone.

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Are you ready?!

When it comes to candles, I love more woodsy, herbal, and masculine scents. The only way to make them better, is to give them the crackle of a wood burning fire. I LOVE wood wick candles. The cracking of the fire with ware woodsy scents are a dream! I havent tried this scent specifically but I highly recommend you find a wood wick candle for this fall season.

These wood pumpkins are gorgeous and timeless. They have such a beautiful woodgrain and are classic enough to pull out year after year. These elegant wood pumpkins make the perfect fall decor!

Nothing says fall like getting super cozy! I have one of these in white/cream and I LOVE IT. I could live in it all winter long!

My ONLY regret is that I got it in white and not this burgundy! The white is super cute but when I want to be sloppy and drink red wine while wearing a sherpa tent, the burgundy will hide any spills.

These beautiful stems are so perfect for fall! What I love even more about them, is that I can see them used for spring and summer too! All you gotta do is change out the vase and you have a completely new look.

This pillowcase is similar to the stems because I can see it used in the spring too. The stripes feel like a nod to classic fall plaid but the muted colors, especially the terracotta tones are perfect for fall!

I love these pots! They’re rustic and textured + great quality for the price. Textured materials and finishes are super popular right now and any of these pots would be a great addition to your decor.

Check out below for the rest of my finds!

Want more fall decor options? Check out this page!


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