Office Built-ins

Custom Bookshelves for the Perfect Zoom Backdrop

This is my submission for the Home Depot Orange Tank 2021 Competition

Since being laid off due to COVID, I’ve really been pushing to create a successful business of my own. Not only have I been pursuing being a DIY blogger, but I want to really launch my interior design business as well.

I’ve been itching to start a Youtube channel to support my blogging side but I also need a proper designer backdrop for meeting with potential design clients.


A messy dinig room full of all kinds of renovation tools with a dated light fixture and a Settlers of Catan board game set up on the table.

This is what the office looked like 1 year ago. Since then, I’ve removed the top layer of wallpaper and put a desk in the place of the wood table. Otherwise, the mess and renovation supplies are still everywhere and we’ve got stacks and stacks of books that need a new home. The wall with the intended bookshelf design is the one behind the table and the propped-up door.


Loving these moody office/library designs!


Currently this room is a total mess but I need it to be an organized designers dream. I thrifted some skinny bookshelves that have been living in the basement. I love using thrifted items to avoid waste and save on cost.

I’m not yet prepared to furnish the room but 2/3 of making this room a reality are the built-ins. I plan to make the base cabinets and cabinet doors from scratch. I love the idea of painting the bookshelves and cabinets a bold and cozy color.

The Home Depot has some amazing décor and lighting options that my audience would love to know about. I could teach my audience how to decorate shelves using the Home Depot’s décor options.


The Home Depot’s shopping lists are a great tool for organizing these décor options. The Home Depot also has resources for learning. One of these resources includes this post on “DIY Built-in Shelves” from the Home Depots site.



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