This Is a floor plan I created for my Orange Tank 2020 entry. It shows wood texture for the deck base, and outdoor lounge area, an outdoor eating area, and a space dedicated to cooking.

Orange Tank 2020 – FINALIST

Outdoor Movie Theater

This is my submission for the Home Depot Orange Tank 2020 – Dream Project Competition

This Is a floor plan I created for my Orange Tank 2020 entry. It shows wood texture for the deck base, and outdoor lounge area, an outdoor eating area, and a space dedicated to cooking.


The current deck could only be captured with a wide-angle. The wood is old and rotting and we only really can come out here to grill.



The Design

The design would involve removing the old, rotted, and unsafe deck and replacing it with a 16’x20′ deck with a pergola. Part of the deck would still be allocated for grilling and would add space for outdoor dining. To help with that, I would build a 2’x4′ island on wheels. I would pour the concrete counter and build the supports on casters. This would allow counter space to supplement grilling, bar space to supplement entertaining, and potting space to supplement my plant obsession.

This kitchen island on wheels (image sourced from would serve as inspiration for the concrete top island that is part of the design. It would have one lower shelf to fit larger items (like pots) and handles and/hooks to hold grilling tongs or potting gloves.

My boyfriend and I built this sectional patio seating area for my last apartment but since I moved in 2 months ago, there hasn’t been a place for it. This was our first project together and I would love to put it outside where It can be used! We also love watching movies together but since movie theaters have been closed, movies at home have become very special for us.

This design would include space for a projector screen that would be inserted into the deck! We would build the frame out of PVC pipe and set up a ledge for a mini projector behind the sectional we build. I received the projector as a gift and have been unable to use it.

Using PVC is a unique way to create a mobile frame for a projector screen. I would build the base of the screen into the deck so the frame could easily be taken down and put up when its movie time! (image source from through apartmenttherapy from

Overhead we would build a pergola to filter some of the harsh south facing light and some string lights to help the space transition from day to night.

Above a newly built deck, we would build a pergola with lights. This would serve as a reprieve from the sun and create a cozy space for all hours of movie watching!



I plan to rent an auger for 4 hours.


CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Because I certainly am blown away! For the $5,000 budget category, I was selected as a FINALIST! The next phase will be live at the Haven Conference where my 2.5 minute video will be shown to a panel of judges followed by a live Q&A with me!

I am so honored to even be chosen as a finalist and excited for the audience with a brand like Home Depot. Having lived in Atlanta for 10 years, my brand loyalty runs in my veins. I can hardly walk into a Lowes without feeling like I am betraying my main squeeze HD.

Finding out I was a finalist the day I took my COVID test was definitely a roller coaster of emotions. I had submitted my initial entry while not feeling well a few days prior, felt scared for what it could be, frustrated that I couldn’t find a testing center appointment promptly, relief that I finally got an appointment, fear when I realized I had to administer it myself, relief when it was over, and pure excitement when I was chosen as a finalist.

Unfortunately, it took 10 days to get my results back and I didn’t film my video because, honestly, I felt like shit. I know so many people who have experienced COVID-19 and I am so incredibly grateful that my experience was mild. I was having a good day when we filmed the video and I didn’t expect to suck so much in front of the camera!

Honestly, before I wanted to be an architect in middle school, I wanted to be an actress. I thought I would be so amazing at this video and just let the words flow but I froze so many times! Poor Taylor was so patient with me as we did take after take after take.

Due to the time limits we had, I had to leave some stuff out that I thought were important design elements, like the flexibility of the outdoor island, and the flexibility of the lounge area seating.

I look forward to the conference and, who knows, maybe I’ll win and in the next few months, you might learn how to build your very own outdoor movie theater too!


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