This is a graphic showing a rendered powder room space

One Room Challenge – Week 1


I have been looking forward to participating in the One Room Challenge since the spring when I caught the tail end of the last challenge!

To learn more about the One Room Challenge and stay up to date with the other participants, check out all their posts on their site, here.


I wracked my brain for months and made all sorts of lists for which spaces I could do. I basically listed every room in the house and everything I wanted to do to them!

Other than an expert list-maker, I am also an expert at making poor time estimations! I over-estimate my capabilities and under-estimate how long tasks will take. This has me trying to do 3 days worth of work in 1 day, then feeling like I failed.

Every day I try to do one thing that makes me feel like I am making progress at bettering myself. One of those things is to get better at managing my capabilities by making reasonable time estimations.

So in an effort to not create overwhelm and burnout, I decided to work on the smallest room in the house, the powder room.


This room is just off the laundry room and kitchen. To see the full tour of my home to get a better idea of where I am starting, check out my post here.

The before of this powder room has bold wallpaper, a super gross sink, and linoleum floors. The newest flooring in the house is actually the linoleum that looks like wood, so its the least awful flooring in the house.

The wallpaper at first glance seems kinda cool, but the edges are peeling and its just not quite right.


In the mood board/rendered image I created for space, I have a dark upper wall with a sponge pattern painted over. I like the design but I’m not opposed to adding some sort of cool bold wallpaper!

This is a graphic showing a rendered powder room space

The design I created has board and batten that will go up 2/3 of the wall. The shelves above the toilet will be built in floating shelves that sit just above that.

We have plenty of storage in the house so I thought opening the vanity would help this tiny bathroom feel more open.

I plan to keep the mirror and the existing light fixtures for now purely for cost reasons. Plus, I can go back and add new lights and a mirror later when it is more financially feasible.

I want this project to be budget-friendly and I can’t wait to get started! Week One starts NOW and I will write all about my demo experience next week!

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