One Room Challenge – Week 3


Remember that thing I told you about? The one that said that I am really bad at anticipating how long a task will take?

I was feeling so good about being on top of this project that I let it slide right out from under me!

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My plan for this past week was:

  • Finish removing wallpaper adhesive
  • Sand down ceiling texture
  • Clean/Wipe Walls
  • Purchase board and batten and trim material
  • Install Window Trim
  • Cut Vanity Wood

I was definitely over-zealous when I made that list! At least I got the first 3 items done. I leave for vacation, so I won’t be able to catch up for next week.


Sanding the ceiling was rough. I helped do it for our Owners Suite bedroom but Taylor carried most of that. Now that this whole tiny powder room is my responsibility, it was a lot!

I took many breaks and felt ridiculous in my full-body coveralls. There are so many ways to get a smooth ceiling and I definitely chose the toughest option.

The above photo shows were we stared and the photo to the right shows the texture gone. It does look ‘worse’ but its getting painted so its ok!

Renovations always look worse before they start to look better.

Although it was tough, this method was free for us because we already had the orbital sander and just needed to put up with the inconvenience of the plaster powder everywhere.

My hope before I leave for vacation is that I’ll at least look at my scrap wood pile and make sure I have the trim that I need for when I return.

Chester approves so we must be headed in the right direction!

I will be skipping week 4 because I need a break. Not just from this tiny renovation but it’s important to give yourself mental breaks, opportunities to reset, and realign your missions.

I always start new ventures extremely excited and with a lot of energy. Some of that has petered out and I’m looking forward to this reset to get me back into the flow.

I have lots to do when I get back and I cant wait to share the process with you.


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