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All The Trim Profiles That I Used to Make this Space Feel Luxurious

This post is sponsored by Woodgrain.

To make these shelves look truly built in, full of character, and elevated, you need trim from Woodgrain!

As an architect and interior designer, I know the importance of selecting the perfect trim for your home and Woodgrain has so many amazing trim profiles to choose from.

Below you will find the profiles that I used throughout the space. Including the 3 pieces I used to make my stacked crown molding and stacked baseboards!

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For wall and ceiling box trim:

Base Cap No. 163 

General Purpose trim No. 1215  

I also used this trim at the edges of the desktop

For the base and crown:

Base Molding No. 620

Crown No. 47

Picture Mold No. 273

For the Bookshelves

Casing No. 80585

No. D-R-275


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