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Stunning Crystal Doorknobs

Bringing Elements of my Dream Home into my Now Home with Nostalgic Warehouse

This post is sponsored by Nostalgic Warehouse but all opinions expressed are my own.

I’ve always been a big advocate of adding character to your home through architectural updates. This could mean through millwork, architectural elements, unique lighting, and through hardware, like door knobs, or in my case, stunning crystal doorknobs!

When I imagine what my dream home looks like, it has crystal doorknobs. I’ve always said that “one day my house will have crystal doorknobs” but I guess I’m impatient.


Why I am always aspiring to ONE DAY have this or that?

This house is not my dream house. Even with all my planned renovations, it never really will be BUT why cant I get it close?

Adding crystal doorknobs is my first step to making THIS house, right now, one step closer to feeling like that ONE DAY house that I dream about.

Nostalgic Warehouse

Speaking of dreamy crystal doorknobs, have you heard of Nostalgic Warehouse?

I found them while dreaming about knobs on pinterest and decided to take a look!

They have this online doorknob builder where you can choose from a TON of styles. Antique brass simple short plate with a waldorf crystal knob OR matt black decorative art deco long plate with an ornate brass knob!

There are so many beautiful combinations, I definitely recommend playing around with the designs and finding a style that you love for your home.

My Crystal Doorknobs

I’ve always been a huge fan of balancing vintage with new and trending styles.

The knobs that work best for my home and style are the bronze short plate with waldorf crystal knob!

The decorative crystal knob is the nod to vintage styles with the simplicity of the bronze shortplate to compliment modern styles.

They’ve added an amazing amount of character to my home and I cannot wait to put them everywhere!

Hallway Makeover

This hallway makeover makes me feel like I actually have this renovation under control!

None of the rooms off the hallway are finished, but at least the space I walk through everyday looks relatively presentable.

The Nostalgic Wharehouse Waldorf Crystal Doorknob on the Bronze Shortplate was such a game changer for this space. In a room full of doors, these doorknobs are the best way to decorate!

Click here to shop the links in my hallway.

Laundry Makeover

This laundry room has seen a few phases. I build all the cabinets, tiled the floors, hung wallpaper, and painted it but didnt love it. I recently re-wallpapered and repainted and am so much happier with the result!

I had paused the project before final details because I knew it was missing something. Now that its all painted and matching my style more, it was time for the fun stuff! (the crystal doorknobs of course!)

Click here to shop the links in my laundry room.

Home Takes Time

After starting my home renovation journey, I learned the phrase “Home Takes Time”.

If you follow my Instagram or Tiktok or blog you will see that I am not one to speed through projects. Its unrealistic to share my projects with you in a way that suggests these renovations arent expensive or time consuming.

Thats why Im only adding new knobs to each space I am actively renovating. One day I’ll get these knobs throughout the WHOLE house.

They are an investment that will increase the character and value of my home, but more importantly…

They improve the way I feel about my home because I smile everytime I see them.


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