Tranquil Terrace


There is something about a fireplace that draws me it.

The smell of a woodburning fire is reminiscent of s’mores on a summer night and a white christmas beside twinkling lights.

The the focal point of any room and a gathering space for every event…

so why not have one on a deck?


before picture showing the white building siding and a sad deck with peeling/rotting decking

I used to hang out outside. I had a lounge patio sectional I built and I would invite my friends over and we would sit under the lights and talk for hours.

That hasn’t happened since I moved into this house, since COVID-19.

The deck itself made my structural engineer utter the words “oh, no”.

It’s “safe” for 2-3 people to stand and grill but was strongly advised to not have any events out here.


I’ve had a couple of years to think about all that we want from a deck.

We grill and we grow herbs on the deck but ultimately we want to dine and entertain.

Half of the deck would be dedicated to grilling and eating while the other half for lounging.

The lounge area would consist of a fireplace that flows seamlessly into benches that flows seamlessly into a planter for our herbs.

The whole built-in would be made of stucco to match the house and to provide mediteranean vacation vibes.


For the deck:

For the fireplace:


For this project, I would need to utilize Home Depots Tool Rental services for 2 items. This is an amazing service that allows DIYers to accomplish projects without having to invest in large equipment. I would likely need to rent both a concrete mixer and an auger to create the foundation for the deck.


Week 1: Demolition and prep

Week 2: Demolition and digging/pouring foundations

Week 3: Installing and securing substructure, including beams and joists

Week 4: Masonry. Stacking base of fireplace to meet deck.

Week 5: Finish fireplace masonry

Week 6: Install composite deck boards

Week 7: Bench framing

Week 8: Prep base for stucco application

Week 9: Installing railing and finish stucco

Week 10: Finishing touches and reveal!


The design of the deck with the fireplace, built-in benches, tool rental and new 16’x20′ deck would be about $5,000.00.

Additional compensation for labor, permitting, social media posts, and images are not included in any of these numbers but I would love to discuss your budget.