9 Subtle and Non-Tacky Valentine’s Day Decor

I’ve Collected My Favorite Decor Pieces that Won’t Look Tacky in Your Home

I love decorating for all the holidays but I have so much trouble finding pieces that aren’t, in my opinion, tacky. Looking for non-tacky Valentine’s Day decor often sends me down a deep rabbit hole of handmade decor that looks handmade.

That’s not always a bad thing but, for me, it doesn’t make for classic, timeless decor.

If it’s not for a party, I think subtlety is the key. I will go all-in on some fun, on-the-nose holiday decor for a party. See my Galentine’s Day Decor post here.

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These pink paper palms are my favorite!! I love their soft feminine boho vibe and how they can be used past Valentine’s Day Decor and become part of your spring decor!

Candlestick holders are a great addition to your year-round decor! You can add it to Valentine’s vignette and you can add pink tapered candles to make it even more Valentines-y!

These pink glass beads from McGee & Co. are GORGEOUS!! I honestly love most McGee & Co decor and furniture but I can’t afford it. These glass beads are affordable and might be in my shopping cart right now!

Check out below for the rest of my finds!



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