Me using the steamer and scraping away wallpaper below.

Why You Should Use a Steamer to Remove Wallpaper!


The scariest thing when thinking about updating my home is the colossal amount of wallpaper I would have to remove. Well, I did some research and found that a wallpaper steamer might change my life and it did not disappoint.

Here’s the thing, if I can avoid using extra chemicals, I will. I’m not as good about that as I should be but, hey man, at least I’m trying.

In my research, I found that there are SOOOOOOOOOO many chemical sprays. You can use these to break down the adhesive holding the wallpaper up. I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about how well these work.

A lot of these sprays didn’t cost THAT much, but in a house that was born in 1989, I would need more than a couple bottles to remove all the wallpaper.


So I found a chemical-free and economical solution! Here’s the link on if you want to learn more:

The first time I used this steamer, I was amazed! I found that it works best with two people but could easily be done with one.

For the two-person strategy, one of us would start steaming the different sections while the other would use a paint scraper or a multi-tool to pull up the wallpaper! It’s such a transformation to see your space as you peel the paper off!

Another HUGE benefit for using a steamer is less wall damage. Some of the scraping and chemical methods can cause damage, Of course, there is the risk of damage when using the scraper with the steamer but its significantly less because the wallpaper and adhesive come up so so easily.

Me, excitedly holding the steamer and paint scraper


So it’s important that you remember that steam means that your room will become very humid and you will have water dripping. Be sure to remove anything from the room that you wouldn’t want to get wet.

Now that the room is prepped, you’ll fill the steamer to the marked line. I’d say that the steamer will last about an hour when filled completely.

filling the steamer bucket with water

Once you plug it in, it will take about 10-15 minutes to get ready, but once it’s ready, it will keep pushing out steam till it’s out of water or unplugged. To make the most of your time, you should work quickly with a partner.

Anytime you set it down, it will still pump out steam. Which means water will likely puddle. BEWARE of the super hot water and steam because it can burn you!


To start, hold the steaming end (hotplate) against the wallpaper for about 15 seconds before shifting to your next piece. I recommend starting at the top because moisture/water will travel down with gravity and help saturate your wallpaper even more.

Steaming wallpaper with the steamer above and scraping with a paint scraper below

Another tip would be to overlap your steaming pieces. Doesn’t have to be much, but just to make sure you aren’t missing anything. This really only applies to harder wallpapers because sometimes I’ll steam a section and next thing I know, the wallpaper is peeling off beyond the area I had steamed!

If you have wallpaper in your home that you want to remove, stay clear of the chemicals and buy or rent a steamer!

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Wallpaper Pinterest Pin Graphic
Wallpaper Pinterest Pin Graphic


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